This 1383 Spotlight Bulb has a slight defect in the barrel of the lens. It does not effect performance, the lens is not damaged.



They’re Here!
NOW, your compartment, porch and docking lights will never be brighter!

These 24 5730 LEDs produce more than 700 Lumens while only drawing .15 amps!

Cabin Bright LED Fluorescent Tube Replacements are

Less Expensive, Brighter, and use Less Energy…

– Than ANY other LED Fluorescent Tube Replacement!

The Revolutionary NEW X Factor LED Fluorescent Tube Replacements!

Individual Bulbs

3200 and 5500°K Color Temperatures available – Check back often for New Products.

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Fits any Compatible Fixture…Guaranteed!

1The flexible wiring harness allows the Cabin Bright LED Fluorescent Tube Replacement to be easily installed by anyone using just a screwdriver and wire cutters. No electrical or mechanical expertise needed!

Brighter Than Your Existing Tubes

2Each LED beams DIRECTLY into your fixture’s diffusing lens. The FLED18R-192 beams 1536 lumens aimed into the area you are lighting. 2 18” fluorescent tubes produce 1300 lumens, but the tube is a cylinder so HALF the light is being reflected, and not directly lighting your room or counter space.

Less Expensive Than Other Replacements

3The Cabin Bright LED Fluorescent Tube Replacement Alternative is less than half the cost of the other “tube type” LED replacements…and you don’t have to rewire your fixture!

10 Year Limited Warranty

4Install it and Forget it! A 60,000 hour average life gives you peace of mind. You’ll never have to change a bulb or replace a costly ballast…EVER!

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