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Our first morning on the road - EVER! (After a VERY noisy night.) A rest stop on I-74 on the way to Kansas City.

Our first morning on the road – EVER!
(After a VERY noisy night.)
A rest stop on I-74 on the way to Kansas City.

In the fall of 2011, my wife and I took the big leap to the RV lifestyle and never looked back.  Our first trip was to Kansas City, where we visited the International House of Prayer, and ate in every Barbecue Joint we could find.  It was great! But we started to learn the value of coach battery preservation!

Having spent that first night in an Interstate rest stop, we quickly realized that sort of “boondocking” is best left as a last resort, pun intended.





We LOVE traveling in our motor home. We bought a gently used 2003 Winnebago Adventurer and launched ourselves into cleaning and upgrading everything possible: TV’s, satellite TV, radio, Sirius XM, speakers, GPS, headlamps, fog lights, tire pressure monitor, furniture, mattress, shower door, carpeting, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and, of course, lighting.

Our 2003 Winnebago Adventurer

Our 2003 Winnebago Adventurer

We strove to make the lighting more energy-efficient by replacing wall lights and soffit spots with LED upgrades. They were relatively inexpensive, looked great and cut our current draw by more than 75 percent. Perfect for boon-docking even at a Walmart! Finding an energy-efficient solution for the  fluorescent light fixtures was more difficult. The fluorescent fixtures drew 3.7 amps each (just shy of 15 amps total), quite a drain on batteries.

This patent pending Fluorescent Tube Alternative was born out of necessity. Here’s how it happened:
I spent hours online looking for replacements for the 12-inch tubes over the sink and six 18-inch tubes for the lounge, dining, and cockpit ceiling fixtures. Numerous manufacturers offered 18-inch LED replacement tubes at $40 to $80 each (not including shipping!) — and we needed two tubes per fixture — putting such a conversion at $300 to $500 for all four the fixtures … NOT worth it!

What to do …?

I put my own ingenuity to work to create a solution.  What I came up with was a less expensive alternative to the traditional fluorescent LED Tube replacement.  It does not require rewiring your fixture, and, even better, it can be installed simply and easily in less than five minutes by anyone!

Cabin Bright evolved out of the need to have a brighter, more efficient, and more natural light in the dining and living areas in our Motorhome.  It’s founder, Joe Brignolo (me) studied electrical engineering in college, and I’ve been an amateur radio operator since 12 years of age.  For those who are interested, my “Ham” radio call is N1ZP. Since my early days I was always tinkering with electricity. I built a few things that were useful around the house, but since we bought our RV I’ve been spending way too much time tinkering with it.

We like to boondock.

According to Wiktionary: boondock – v.
To camp in a dry brushy location. To stay in a recreational vehicle in a remote location, without connections to water, power, or sewer services.  Because of our tendency to hold on to our money by not spending it staying in campgrounds, (not that there is anything wrong with that) we usually stay at Walmarts along the way. Too many times the cabin overhead fluorescents were left on depleting our battery power to the point where we were not able to watch “The Big Bang Theory.” In our little slice of heaven, that is not a good thing.

My mind (as it is) came up with the Cabin Bright Fluorescent Replacement Alternative. It is NOT strip lights, it is NOT pop-in LED tube that fit in the existing fixtures tube sockets, it is a completely new concept to give you clean, bright, low current draw light without destroying your fixture wiring. The Cabin Bright solution is an ADDITION to your fixture, not a replacement. That’s why we call it the LED Fluorescent Tube ALTERNATIVE. AND, THEY WILL FIT IN ANY FLUORESCENT LIGHT FIXTURE, GUARANTEED!

In fact you could use the Cabin Bright alternative and your fluorescent tubes at the same time. Not that you would want to do that. Whether it’s the F15T8 or F8T5 tubes you’re replacing, or your 12 volt ballast burned out, the Cabin Bright Solution is exactly what you need!

Cabin Bright is located in Ohio. The address is:  Cabin Bright 2441 South Waynesville Road Lebanon, OH 45036 | Phone: 513-899-9152 | Cell: 513-404-8888 | email: brignolo@soncov.com

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