Similar to the 1141 Base, This bulb is a miniature version of it. Used for stair lighting, instrument panel lighting, anywhere you need a BA9s bulb!

  • BA9s Miniature Bayonet 5 LED Indicator Bulb


    BA9s Minature Bayonet Base, 5-5050 LEDs, 12 volts – .06 amps, 90 Lumens, 3200°K-Warm White or 5500°K-Day White

  • BA9s Miniature Bayonet 9 LED Indicator Bulb


    BA9s Minature Bayonet Base, 9-5050 LEDs, 12 volts – .1 amps, 180 Lumens, 3200°K-Warm White or 5500°K-Day White

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