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Thu 12/12/2013 9:47 PM

Hi Joe,

The cabin bright I ordered arrived today and already have it installed.
I’m so pleased, I just ordered another one.
You asked if I needed a connector for the first one I ordered and I need another one for this order too.
Thank you for a good product, excellent service and follow-up.

William Hanson

Thu 12/12/2013 5:13 PM


The conversions went smoothly and are now installed in the Race Trailer. They look great and it was fairly easy to do. I did have to completely remove the ballast/circuit board and all the tube sockets but that was no problem.

BTW the newly installed Cabin Bright LEDs are much brighter and more pleasant than the fluorescent lights were. Thanks!


Tue 12/10/2013 4:13 PM
Hey Joe,

Installed the new light last night. And we LOVE it! Much better color, I am surprised more people aren’t preferring this one. To each their own, but this is more of the color we were looking for.  Thanks again for sending a replacement so quickly. Will hop on and submit an amazon review!

Jake Beck photo

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Excellent customer service

I had a problem with several LED bulbs going bad after nine months. Contacted Joe and he responded immediately and sent replacements out the same day. Excellent customer service.


by Shaun on Blank Product Name
What a Difference!!!!

We had the pleasure of meeting Joe at the Jacksonville RV Show on 2/12/2017 and he took the time to talk about and demonstrate his products. We ended up purchasing two G4 type bulbs for our bedroom reading lights and what a difference! We then decided to change out the Bathroom bulbs to improve the color and brightness. We ordered the set online and within three days they were here, so happy! The light output is more of a natural Daylight and much more soothing. Pictures do not do them justice. Thanks Joe.Before

by David on Blank Product Name
RV Show 16-01-16

A quick note to tell you how much I like your LED substitute bulbs. I bough the T-10 base and 1156 types at the Tampa RV show. Excellent brightness and good color. Others I have seen did not measure up to what yours have to offer. Thanks for providing these to the market place.

by Nelson DiGennaro on Blank Product Name
Incredibly Easy to Install, Cost Effective & same Warm White lighting!

We purchased four sets (8) 18" Flourescent Tube LED Replacement kits for our Lounge/Galley & Bath Room ceiling dual tube fixtures. Over the years we've lived Full-Time in our '06 ITASCA Meridian those ceiling light tubes have been replaced several times to address Burned Out Bulbs or Slow to Start Fixtures. I've come to find out that both problems have been due to low voltage at the fixture (in our case 10.5 VDC). We've even replaced some of the ballasts which didn't fix the problem, just danced around it, and exposed other issues. With ballast replacement running about $42 for each fixture it's not the best way to go. Also, we were avoiding LED lighting because we were trying to maintain the same Warm White lighting we had with the flourescent tubes.Yesterday we purchased four sets (8) of 18" X FACTOR LED PRINTED CIRCUIT LIGHT BOARDS (FLED18R-X) with the improved 3200K LEDs. They were very easy to install (screw driver & wire cutter) just by following the instructions that come with the LED boards. As stated these LED boards are brighter than the tubes you'll replace without being harsh when using the 3200K boards (instead of 4100K or 5500K LEDs). The resulting light output, through the fixture's diffuser is very even, brighter (w/o any glare), and actually looks better that the tubes we replaced. For the price point, per board, this turned out to be our best option.If I have any issue the the strips is that the attached wires are so fine that it can be a challenge to strip the insulation and attach the end to much larger coach wires you'll be connecting to. But the provided wire nuts make this as simple as possible.We're very happy with the results and are looking at replacing some of the other troublesome incandescent bulbs with Warm White LEDs from CabinBright.

by Carl Harsch on Blank Product Name
Service is job one

This is my second order with Cabin Bright. The first replaced fluorescent bulbs in my first coach. This coach had overhead halogen lighting that was hot and power hungry. The G4 9-5730 bulbs fit perfectly and provided a warm and inviting look to the coach. But beyond the bulbs, Joe's customer service is second to none. Whenever I need LED bulbs, Cabin Bright will be my first choice and my first recommendation to others.

by Joe Curran on Blank Product Name
New 1139 Led's from CabinBright

Received the replacement bulbs (1139) all five (5) were put in the Motorhome on 3/15/2015. Joe, they are great, color and brightness is just right. We put the 5500's in the living room area,and the 3200's in the bedroom (warm feeling).
Again Thank you for the fast service and great bulbs. Will be ordering more bulbs soon,
Joe Curran /


I have a 2003 Country Coach Motorhome and wanted to replace the 18" Fluorescent Tube lights. So I talked to a friend who recommended I contact Joe Brignolo at CABIN BRIGHT. I e-mailed Joe and he called the very next day, he is interested in RVing and is very helpful in our RV lighting needs, he is the inventer of the X FACTOR LED PRINTED CIRCUIT LIGHT BOARD, for Fluorescent Tube Replacement, with 960 lumens, 1920 lumens when replacing in a 2 Fluorescent Tube fixture.
So why would I replace the 18" Fluorescent with the X Factor brighter more pleasant looking Light Boards?
The fixture looks nicer with the LED lights, the lights are brighter and easy to install, just connect your 12vdc power and mount the LED board 3M backing to the fixture.
Fluorescent tubes expensive, don't last as long as they use to, seams like there is always some that need replacing, problems getting rid of the old tubes, ballasts also don't last costly to replace. You will be saving money in the not buying fluorescent tubes and ballasts and that will in a short period, more that pay for the cost of LED lighting. The best reason for going with the LED light boards is (happy wife happy life) my wife likes the LED's much better, happy wife. Joe has many other 12vdc LED products at excellent pricing worth taking a look at Cabin Bright web site and you need any help you can count on Joe.

by Edward on Blank Product Name
Super Product

I have been looking for a replacement for the 3 15w 12v single contact bayonet base lamps over my bath vanity. When I saw this item from Cabin Bright and at a good price I immediately ordered 3. I ordered them on 11-26-14 and they arrived today 11-29-14. Imagine that kind of service with one of the three days being Thanksgiving. I installed one of them between the other two and the difference is amazing. Brighter light, color virtually identical to the originals and .15 amp vs 1.25 amp. Superior Product.

by Rich Machado on Blank Product Name
Goodbye flourescent tubes!

Thanks for the great product and service. I retrofitted all the fluorescent lamps (9 fixtures) in our Monaco coach with your LED X factor replacement strips and could not be happier. I followed the included directions and it was a breeze. No more flickering lamps. They are cleaner, brighter and all at the same intensity with less power usage. GOODBYE fluorescent tubes!

by Larry Cyr on Blank Product Name
Very Satisfied!

Wow, bulb came in 3 days, awesome shipping and it arrived intact and in perfect condition. Bulb replaced a 1156 bulb on a Popup Camper Porch-light assembly. I got the 5500 K version (Daylight) and it is perfect for what it is being used for. Bulb is every bit as bright as the 1156 it replaced and maybe even a bit brighter. But it is definitely more energy efficient and much cooler than the 1156. I am extremely pleased with both product and service from this vendor and would/will definitely purchase from this site again. BTW, the site is very well setup and easy to navigate to locate what you are looking for. Thank-you Cabinbright!!

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